Write for us

We are always looking out for people who’d like to write for our website. We need people who can write reviews of gigs they’ve been to, previews of upcoming gigs, interview bands, as well as photographers who are all enthusiastic about local music.

If this sounds like you then just send us an e-mail expressing your interest and telling us what kind of music you like: behindthesceneglos@yahoo.co.uk

We can’t pay you any money as we don’t have any (the small amount of money we do have goes on maintaining this website – we can send you our tax bill and show you the holes in our shoes to prove it), but you might occasionally receive a free ticket to a gig or a free CD!

gigWe get loads of bands/musicians asking us to review their gigs or albums, so we’d love to build up a few people who we can call on to say, “Would you like to review Bruce Springsteen at The 2 Pigs on Saturday?” (it could happen).

We’ll always credit you by name for everything that you send us and also link to your website/blog if you have one! Just get in touch.

And then maybe one day when people realise how amazing we are and start paying big bucks to advertise with us instead of Facebook, we’ll give you a slice of the pie too. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Send us an e-mail at behindthesceneglos@yahoo.co.uk if you can produce lively, legible, interesting writing about local music and work to deadlines without us chasing you up like we’re your mum.

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