Introductory offer!


To help pay for the running of the site, we are offering very cheap advertising rates.

For JUST £5 A WEEK you can have your advert on EVERY PAGE OF THE WEBSITE. Perfect for promoters, venues or bands that want to give their gig a boost in the run up to it.

With over 3000 unique visitors per month you are sure to get your advert seen.


If you’d like to take the advert out on a long-term basis (5 weeks or longer), then we’ll even take 50% off the price! So a 5 week advert will cost you just £12.50. Perfect for venues, rehearsal studios and others that would like a regular advert!


Then send us an e-mail at with:

1) Your advert in an image format (such as jpg). A square or portrait image no more than 300 pixels wide would be perfect, but we can be flexible. Have a look at the Sound Shack Studios one to the right of this page for an example.

2) Instructions on how long you’d like it to run for and between what dates, e.g. 4 weeks starting from March 2nd.

3) The website address you’d like the advert linked to (if you don’t have one then that’s fine as well).

Then we’ll send you payment info. As soon as you’ve paid, the advert will appear on the site!

I can’t afford £5! What can you do for me for FREE?

If you are a band, venue or promoter then we will list your upcoming gigs on our gig listings (with a link to your website or Facebook event page) FOR FREE.

If you say your pleases and thank yous then we might even write a preview of your gig that will appear on a rotational basis on our homepage for everyone to see in the run-up to it. Don’t forget to send us a photo and some details!

If you would like your gig preview to appear on the site on a permanent basis until the gig has happened, then a one-off £10 fee is all it costs (up to a maximum of 8 weeks). That means that every time someone goes onto our homepage at they will see your gig preview.

If you’re eager to help us recoup a few of our pennies for producing such an ace website for local music, then shoot us an e-mail and we can talk:

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